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Behind the Screens: A Look at the Design and User Interface Innovations in Casino Mobile Apps

The modern world of programming and computing is passing through important stages of digitalization when innovative technologies are transforming the achievements that developers have gained in previous years. The progress in information technology has led society to believe that the need to present new types of information has emerged, as well as the interaction methods with it. For example, mobile operating systems received additional graphical amplifiers that helped developers create games with many so-called graphics libraries.

Today, mobile and other portable devices have become ubiquitous. Each of them has screens of different sizes and unique controls. As a result, many incompatible mobile platforms and technologies that allow developers to create graphical user interfaces have appeared. This article will describe the major features of developing user interfaces for mobile applications like the JetX game. We will determine which innovations are effective for developing mobile software design elements.

Development of user interface for gaming mobile applications

Cross-platform application development is one of the most important user interface issues. However, different programs for smartphones and tablets exist, so each requires different approaches from developers.

Complex systems are an important type of software for any company. Online casinos have them as well. The integrated system includes a website comprising one or more web and client applications. At the same time, each client application is intended for the particular mobile platform. For example, it can be a smartphone or tablet based on an Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operating system. Some companies also develop application client applications for different operating systems for them. This range of software allows the casino to give users betting possibilities and tips for JetX players simultaneously, for example.

Design and user interface development are key steps of mobile application creation. In such development, studios receive a product with a graphical interface that is maximally compatible with a particular operating system.

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Now, let’s look at the general issues of user interface that developers solve when creating applications:

  1. Should such an application be cross-platform? What is the ideal interface for a cross-platform application? This issue is solved by converting the universal UI description format between formats suitable for mobile devices with different operating systems.
  2. Compatibility level between similar screen diagonal devices and different system features. To accomplish this, developers minimize the code within the interface description function.
  3. Minimisation of the program code that could be duplicated. The way to solve this issue is similar to the previous one.
  4. Optimisation of web apps for mobile devices since they are less efficient than system applications.
  5. Does the mobile app require voice control on a smartphone or tablet? It depends on the type of application.

The mobile application user interface consists of several components. Each of them is a software system that includes the following objects:

  • universal components like basic and segregated ones. Their functions reflect how buttons and input fields look and function;
  • specialized components such as widgets and decoration elements. These include the file selection dialogue, as well as the font and colors of the interface.

Developing a system application is much more complex than with a web application. For example, the developer will experience difficulties if the mobile application needs changes in the original design or if the program code and interface are edited late. Many developers face this problem, but they solve it successfully. It just requires a lot of time and memory resources of a mobile device. The interesting thing is that smartwatches are now gaining popularity. This device requires developers to create a user interface, too.

Here are some other aspects that developers pay attention to when developing the mobile application user interface:

  • user’s look line;
  • the fact that users use only one hand to use a smartphone, as a rule;
  • modular programming methods (it helps developers to make late changes to the program code without much time and memory resources);
  • unity of design;
  • scaling of controls.

The gambling community supports developers in creating mobile software for online casinos. Today, they create useful channels where gamblers share thoughts about withdrawing money from the JetX game, for example. Such tools help many players better navigate games and obtain their perfect gaming experience in the betting. That non-commercial support helps studio developers and users benefit from it.


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Modern software development tools allow gaming studios and developers to create new-generation computer and mobile applications. The tasks of modern developers include creating casino and gaming companies’ websites and developing client applications for various operating systems and mobile platforms linked with those websites. This profession allows talented guys to create various apps with unique features and advantages.

The gambling community is moving in the direction of fresh developments, too. For example, they create useful bots and mobile programs for the Jet X on Pin Up game. Each helps gamblers focus on their favorite game and legally get references from like-minded people. Casino game developers also distribute their messenger channels, offering the JetX game bonuses for gamblers. In this way, the world of mobile apps is huge and diverse. Every user can find useful information there and access the best software on the Internet.