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How does cryptocurrency mixing happen? The way applications work

Cryptocurrency mixing is a measure that prevents possible fraudulent actions and tracking by third parties. It ensures the absolute confidentiality of personal data. The most reliable, convenient, and easy way to mix coins is to use the services offered by crypto-mixer apps. These utilities use specially developed algorithms, thanks to a complete disconnection between a particular address and the actions performed in the network. is a one-of-a-kind mixer that will allow you to blend your bitcoins in no time. “Why unique?” you ask. The fact is that this utility will enable you to make the mixing coins not only in the shortest possible time but also with a custom commission, which you can set up yourself. The higher it is, the more reliable it is, but you can also easily set the minimum commission of 0.7% – it’s only up to you.

How mixing apps work

Mixer apps work pretty simple, and they all do it similarly. So, to erase the link between your wallet and your actions, you need to transfer coins to a particular address, after which they will be mixed with the coins of other users. Any sound mixer works not only with clients’ currency but also with their reserves, and sometimes even buys it from some major cryptocurrency exchanges. At the end of the mixing process, the user is sent a similar amount of coins that he placed in the “blender” (minus the commission), only this time, they will be brand new.


Is there a difference in cryptocurrency mixers?

Yes, there is. The difference in the principle of operation is due to the type of mixer. At the moment, two types are widespread: centralized and decentralized. The first is gradually falling out of use and occurring less often. Centralized sites belonging to the first generation of mixers imply mandatory intermediary involvement of a third party, such as the resource owner. In this regard, the effectiveness and reliability of mixing depend on the intermediary’s competence, professionalism, and integrity.

Decentralized sites work without intermediaries. Although they work similarly to centralized ones, Blenders of this type do not need an intermediary – everything is done through smart contracts. There is also a commission for the services provided. The best bitcoin mixers, to maximize confusion, do not offer a strictly set commission but a dynamic commission, whose amount is determined at the user’s discretion. The higher the commission – the higher the level of security. By the way, the aforementioned Yo!Mix works according to precisely this principle. After completing the mixing, the cryptocurrency is returned to the owners either in one amount to the specified address or in smaller amounts to several addresses.

By the way, additional features are also used by the most reliable mixers to make it as difficult as possible to find traces of cryptocurrency usage. For example, they set a delay for a transaction or specify a percentage of the total amount to be returned to a particular address. Can the mixer be tracked? This is excluded because the anonymizing service’s task is to completely cut off the connection between the address from which the coins have been transferred. The whole chain of actions performed and the owner’s personal data cannot be traced, so you can not worry.