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Microsoft Math Solver: your advanced mathematics assistant

Mathematics is a basic compulsory subject in schools, colleges and universities. Today, many people have quite often solved a variety of problems with addition and subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers, computing percentages and roots, and logarithms.

Microsoft developers have created a mobile application called Math Solver that will solve your algebra problems like arithmetic and even higher mathematics ones, or simple trigonometry.

The most intelligent users will be able to solve more complex equations with this program, such as derivatives, integrals and limit functions.

Microsoft Math Solver application features

This program has a huge number of useful features in its stock that will help you not only quickly solve specific mathematical equations, but also increase the speed of your learning process. Among the useful functions of this program, there are:

  • Recognition of hand-written formulas and equations (sketch mode).
  • Keyboard calculator.
  • Algebraic calculator.
  • Graphic calculator.

In addition, the matrix calculator is relevant to this program, and can solve long and complex formulas that you write on paper or on the tablet screen with a stylus.

Mathematical studies with means of Microsoft Math Solver

In addition to application, you can take this mathematics assistant as your personal tutor. Therefore, it will help you:

  • to get step-by-step clues for solving various formulas and equations, accompanied by detailed explanations of the rules it uses during the solution;
  • scan your version of a mathematical problem solution and submit it to the program for testing, as well as get an assessment of the correctness of the solution of the problem, indicating errors and explaining why wrong and how to divide correctly;
  • learn precise definitions of concepts from the mathematical dictionary (glossary).

Microsoft Math Solver is a very useful program that will bring great practical benefit to every student who has difficulty communicating with his or her teachers. For example, students who are embarrassed to ask questions for fear of looking insufficiently successful and smart will appreciate the application at the highest level.

Additional means

This program performs an innovative function of graphical visualisation of solvable mathematical problems, and this is what scientists consider to be an important method for correct perception and long-term memorization of teaching materials.

Microsoft Math Solver has access to additional learning and development materials, and this will allow you to conduct in-depth study of the subject. Among the useful features of this app:

  • videos with step-by-step instructions for solving mathematical problems and detailed explanations, indicating the applied Rules;
  • access to popular science magazines with interesting articles contributing to the motivation of the student;
  • hard tasks, which were offered at mathematical Olympics of different levels of complexity.

Microsoft Math Solver is a program that has a multilingual interface. The user can choose their native language in the English language to make it easier for them to use the program. In addition, a student can install the English language interface to enhance his knowledge of a foreign language in case he has a personal interest or is about to enter higher education institutions in Great Britain and the United States.