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Photomath: an application for solving mathematical problems

Mathematics is the most difficult discipline for schoolchildren and students. Only a few geniuses in each class and group of university have no fear of polynomials written or printed on paper and complex equations with logarithms and roots.

The dream of most users, who often have to deal with mathematical formulas and equations, is now a reality.

Photomath is a mobile program that will use the phone camera and help you recognize complex formulas and calculate the result yourself. All you have to do is rewrite the symbols and numbers from your smartphone or tablet screen into your basic decision book.

Correct usage of Photomath application

For starters, you should find an app in the App Store and download it. This program does not have a tendency to pay subscription, and the whole set of functions it will offer you will be available for use without licensing, as well as for educational purposes.

First, you will install the game. Then, you will go to the phone settings and give the Photomath application permission to access the smartphone camera.

  • Next, you point the smartphone camera to a page with a formula or equation.
  • The program recognizes symbols and numbers automatically and mathematical expressions appear on the device screen instantly.
  • If necessary, you can use manual editing if automatic recognition happens incorrectly for some reason.

Errors in reading and recognising formulas can occur due to poor light of the page with formula, unclear font, or even incorrect angle when shooting.

If you don’t succeed the first time, you can try to point the camera at the formula again.

The results of numerous tests proved that Photomath produces errors in the recognition of mathematical expressions and symbols, digits not more than once in ten attempts.

Unique features of Photomath application usage

We should warn you beforehand that this software for recognizing and calculating mathematical formulae is still in the process of being refined and refined. Developers do not drop it and strive to improve its quality.

At the moment, Photomath is not able to correctly recognize and read formulas written by hand with a pen, pencil or stylus on a tablet.

Developers plan to introduce this useful feature in the very near future.

The algorithms that are available in this application today can read only basic mathematical expressions, but they do so unmistakably. However, when working on a project, developers add new features to it regularly and frequently.

Additional features are added

We have described to you the main function of the application, however, this program will give you many useful tips and tips to solve the main algebraic tasks. Therefore, it’s not just a stupid rewrite of a formula.

When the program counts the equation with your notebook, it will tell you the correct solution of it.

Photomath application is what allows you to consider it your personal digital tutor. With this program, you will be able to master the basic knowledge of mathematics.

All the instructions for solving formulae are placed in the programs in a step-by-step sequence to make it easier for the student to understand the process of solving a problem.

Photomath is a program that will be useful not only to students, but also to users who will have problems with complex mathematical calculations at home or at work.