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Timetable: a smart student digital organiser

Many locals envision college years as a carefree youth, full of romantic hobbies and almost uninterrupted parties among friends. In reality, it is hard to imagine a way of life that is more stressful, overworked, and multitasking than a student’s life.

Thousands of tonnes of diverse information are starting to pressure the student, and he has to attend several lectures, seminars, colloquiums and practical exercises in laboratories every day. In addition, he should be able to participate in sports groups, perform for university clubs, and participate in student orchestras and theatre productions.

Many students can get lost in such a deep schedule and variety of daily activities and as a result, they miss important events and scheduled meetings.

The mobile Timetable application will come to their aid and will be the ideal option for a tense student rhythm. It’s a digital organiser where any student can stop worrying about forgotten calls, missed appointments, and unprepared exams.

Classroom planning using a digital organiser

The Timetable application was created by German developers with a focus on discipline and rational allocation of time resources. The user interface is intuitive and simple so that the student does not have to spend brain activity on the scheduler as well.

  • To create a new job, you should click the icon with the «plus» sign.
  • Your next steps are to specify a short description, name and start and end time.
  • For visual prioritisation, the new task card has a special tone.

To make usage of this app easier, you can include a widget on your smartphone screen, which includes a general schedule for the week. It allows for an assessment of the strain of the current training schedule, the deployment of forces, the cancellation of minor cases and even the recording of urgent classes.

The settings of this program have the Synchronisation option enabled because a modern user is rarely limited in their daily activities to just one device, and moves from a smartphone to a tablet as needed, from a laptop to a desktop computer.

General features

The Timetable application provides for the filtering of cases by time periods, such as:

  • General schedule of activities and tasks.
  • Schedule of classes for the current week.
  • Tasks separately, outside the calendar schedule.

On the chart, the problems are coloured differently, and the student can at first glance appreciate the strain of the schedule and decide which case to do first.

The settings have a large number and variety of options to personalise the user interface according to your personal preferences. You can choose a dark or bright theme, set the size of the cards and the size of the font so that your eyes are comfortable with the schedule and do not have to strain your vision.

Timetable will send you a notice at a given time so that even when immersed in important matters, nothing is planned to forget or miss.

In addition, this application will provide you with a bonus feature such as completely non-commercial distribution and freedom from advertising.