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Photoshop Applications for Smartphones

Many people like to take pictures with their smartphones to make memories or share them on social media. But it often happens that they want to improve the quality of the photo or add something new to it. This can be easily done using special applications. The developers offer a wide range of mobile apps that may well become an excellent alternative to Photoshop.

The Best Photoshop Applications for Smartphones

Mobile applications for photo editing can be both free and contain additional paid functions. All of them are compatible with various platforms. The developers offer users a wide choice, where everyone can find what they like.

Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram is an application that combines multiple pictures and creates collages. Its main advantage is the simplicity of use. Layout from Instagram has nothing superfluous in it. The application has an intuitive interface and is freely available. Another advantage is that the finished photos are immediately optimized for a popular social network.

However, Layout from Instagram also has some disadvantages. One of them is the lack of a function to add frames or text to the image.


This photo editor is a great alternative to Photoshop for a mobile device. Users can enjoy the free version of PicsArt, or pay extra if they need additional features.

The Photoshop application contains the following features:

  • stamp;
  • saturation change;
  • artistic effects;
  • image cropping;
  • image resizing, etc.

The application allows you to apply frames and text to images, as well as use stickers. The only disadvantage is that the full set of tools is only available at an additional cost.


This photo editor was developed by Google. It is completely free and has a wide range of image editing tools. Users can adjust filters, change the depth of field, and make selective color changes.

Snapseed is available on both Android and iOS platforms. All changes to users’ photos are saved in the application history, so they can always log in and change something.


Another important application on the list of the best photo editing apps is PhotoLayers. It is considered a good alternative to Photoshop. PhotoLayers allows users to quickly and easily remove the background to overlay their photo with another. They can easily do this using built-in tools.

PhotoLayers is free to download but contains ads.


This photo editor has a variety of settings and allows users to edit their photos in a matter of minutes. The main advantage of Pixlr is its large set of tools. Using the editor, people can apply filters and effects to their photos, make frames and collages. The disadvantage of the application is its complex interface, which can make it difficult to work with it.